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Our Story


We started with a purpose,


We asked ourselves - What if we didn't compromise on ingredients, formulation & production in our pursuit of quality & values ? What if we found the best high performance clean hair & skincare products avoiding nasty chemicals ? What if we experimented, and experimented some more, until we had the best product ? One we really proud of ?

What you are seeing in our web store is the result of our obsession with our quality standards & values. We are a humble vibrant team with a mission to design clinically proven high performance clean Ayurvedic vegan hair & skincare products. We started our journey 2 years ago, launching coconut shell steam activated charcoal face masque.

Protect yourself against the pervasive impact of harmful chemical ingredients in hair & skin care products. CARBON BAE - CARBON Before Anyone Else are free from nasty chemicals, paraben, alcohol, mineral oil, SLS and other harmful ingredients, and offers you clean vegan products that are completely safe to use. We are sustainable & ethical starting from the sourcing of ingredients to the shipping of each products. What’s more, we do not perform any animal testing, because we believe the world we live in belongs to animals as well. 

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CARBON BAE ® is developed, owned & powered by CARBON BAE Pvt Ltd, Thrissur, Kerala, IN