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Want a Free Pack ?

If you're visiting this website, life may not be so great. There are many people struggling with skin tone & fairness problems, pimples, acne, blackheads, dark facial nature, excess oily skin, etc. while in college/ busy at work and could not afford dermatology appointments, people go for much lesser beauty parlors/cheaper products/laser treatments! They count every single rupees spent with research high and low on products. If bought an INR 799 Charcoal Herbal Face Masque, It's needful to make sure it would work. 

Therefore, we offer INR 799 gift card for free to our customers who cannot afford to purchase. 

In exchange, we ask for 15 blog articles to be written and after the written articles are sent to us, approved and selected, you will be sent INR 799 CARBON BAE Gift Card which can be applied at the point of checkout via online payment process. 

The articles must not be published anywhere else and we will publish them on the CARBON BAE Blog. They need to be at least 350 - 500 words each. Each article must be completely original and super true - no copy and pasting from other places. Additionally, each article must be well written, with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Make sure each article is titled beautifully.

You may write about anything skincare/health/wellness and beauty related! We would love to hear about your true experience plus any tips you have and I'm sure others in the CARBON BAE community would love to hear about it as well :)

Please note this free giveaway is for 5 persons per month and we select it among the approved list in the corresponding months.

Once you are done writing the articles, make sure you have a friend or relative read through them. This program is open to all over India only. 


1. Save all 15 articles in a word document. Label it "CARBONBAEBlog.YourName"

2. Email them as an attachment to hello@carbonbae.com.  Articles may take up to 2-3 weeks for approval.

3. Include your shipping address in the body of your email. 

That's it! If we publish your articles, we will notify you via email. Articles may take up to couple of weeks to read through and approve.

Please note that if you do choose to send us your articles, CARBON BAE has the right to post on its blog for other people to read :)